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BlueHouse Band PRESS!


The Reviews Are Rolling In


Blues Bytes

  "All tunes were written by either Alter or Goldman (or both), which makes Who’s In The House my favorite original release this year. Most unknown bands usually throw in some remakes or standards to get some recognition. Not this band. This shows their writing strength as well, which will lead this band down the road to success." ~ Bruce Coen

Sun Sentinel Review
Performing high-energy shows that shake both the rafters and crowds is nothing new for the BlueHouse Band. Now they're looking to shake up things even more with a debut full-length disc that gives a bluesy, rockin' take on life in Broward County." ~Beth Feinstein-Bartl

The All Music Guide
"If this form of classic American music is to continue gaining listeners, fresh material should be favored over yet another version of tried and true standards like "Dust My Broom," "Boom Boom," "Sweet Home Chicago," et al. On their debut release the Blue House Band pull it off, and by doing so they set themselves apart from the get-go." ~ Al Cambell

Lead Guitar, Bass and Drums - it just doesn't get any more basic than that -there you have your fundamental three piece blues band. However, when that three piece blues band is the BLUEHOUSE BAND, the words basic and fundamental seem to take on whole new meanings."  ~ Blewzzman Pete (Pete Lauro)

La Hora Del Blues

Una banda que estoy seguro que vista en ‘directo’ desde cualquier ‘tugurio’ de carretera, debe transmitir feeling, diversión y calidad a raudales. MUY BUENO.  ~ Vincente "Harmonica" Zumel

Big City Blues Magazine
This bands background in Rockn' roots jump out at you and take you home. Lets hope they bring this Bluehouse to a Blues House near you.

BluesWax  Review
The fun these guys are having is contagious and the album grows on the listener with each playing. Locals might understand the liner notes, but I'm still trying to figure out all of them. One thing I'm certain of: these guys rock the house. When they shout, "Who's In the House?" Yes, the answer is Blue House.