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Blue House Band
BlueHouse Band
"Who's In The House?"

Bekam Record.



Lead Guitar, Bass and Drums - it just doesn't get any more basic than that -there you have your fundamental three piece blues band. However, when that three piece blues band is the BLUEHOUSE BAND, the words basic and fundamental seem to take on whole new meanings.

The BLUEHOUSE BAND consists of ROBBIE ALTAR on Lead Guitar and Vocals, RICHIE GOLDMAN on Bass Guitar, Bass Fiddle and Vocals and BOBBY "BBG" GOLDMAN on Drums and Spoons. Special guests on individual tracks of "WHO'S IN THE HOUSE?" are: HOLLY DOHERTY on Vocals, BRYAN BASSETT on Slide Guitar, MICHAEL MARCIANO on Harp and the MOUNT BETHEL MUSIC MINISTRY CHOIR.

Local three piece bands, especially those who's members all have successful day jobs - as ALTAR, RICHIE and BBG do - are usually content with playing covers from the slew of artists available. Not these guys. On "WHO'S IN THE HOUSE?", their debut release, all thirteen tracks, except for the 40 seconds of "Over the Rainbow" used as the intro on "BLUESMAN TIM", are band originals.

"WHO'S IN THE HOUSE?" opens with a dynamite track appropriately titled "DYNOMITE". It's a total all out, no holds barred jam, in which the guys waste no time letting you know they can kick some musical ass. It's pretty much what you should expect to hear lots more of on the next dozen tracks - and that's a good thing.

BLUEHOUSE gets into more of a traditional mode on "MAYBE SOMEDAY". With RICHIE and BBG locked into a smooth groove on bass and drums, ALTAR (as he likes to be called) cuts it loose with lots of sharp blues guitar highlights and excellent vocal work.

To say that "BANG, BANG, BANG" totally rips is extremely understating it. This one's like "Helter Skelter" taking a ride in a "Hot Rod Lincoln". It features some of the best, and certainly the most furious rhythm on the track, it's got MICHAEL blowing some ferocious wind into the harp and ALTAR at his discs best on vocals. WARNING: Listening to this track while driving may result in speeding citations - do so at your own risk!

The title says it all on "JUMPIN", and unless you're in a coma, that's exactly what this track will have you doin'. No further explanation necessary for this one.

If you've ever traveled Highway I-95, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that you've been in some type of horrific situation that made you think "There's got to be a blues song in here somewhere". Well, BLUEHOUSE wrote it - "I-95" - and the lyrics could not have been more perfect.

Some of the discs best harmony can be heard on "GIMME THE NEWS", which features HOLLY DOHERTY on vocals and backup vocals. Unfortunately, the song is short and it's HOLLY'S only appearance. However, if she impresses you as much as she did me, you'll hit replay at least 4-5 times. HOLLY'S, sharp, strong and sure vocals highlight this one.

Having known the person that the next song is dedicated to - "BLUESMAN TIM" - makes it a bit special. Before moving on to that Big Blues Club in the sky, TIM pretty much never missed a live BLUEHOUSE show . And, if ALTAR, RICHIE and BBG have anything to say about it, he never will. The guys wrote this song in his memory and play it at every gig making sure, that even if it's in spirit only, TIM will always be at their shows. This hot Gospel Blues track is highlighted by ALTAR'S vocals and guitar, the back up vocals of the MOUNT BETHEL MUSIC MINISTRY CHOIR and smokin' rhythm that I'm sure will have you throwin' your hands in the air for TIM.

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of being at many of this bands live performances. From experience, let me tell you that the BLUEHOUSE BAND is a powerhouse trio that will rock your house.

Stop by and tell the guys that their friend the Blewzzman sent you. Of course, while your there, I'd recommend you add a copy of "WHO'S IN THE HOUSE?" to your CD collection.