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Big City Blues Magazine - January
This is a great Review from Big City Blues Magazine out of Detroit

BlueHouse Band

The Bluehouse Band ain't no juke joint shack but a real home for this three piece band built on a strong musical foundation. But Who's in the House you may ask. They are three veteran musicians with decades of experience. Guitarist Robbie Alter grew up in New York playing in R & B bands before touring with Foghat., recording with Ian Hunter and writing music for TV and film for the last decade. Richie Goldman was raised in a musical Family. His mother was a professional singer. Richie has been part of the South Florida musical scene for over 20 years and has played or recorded with such diverse acts as "Spider" John Koerner, Firefall and Blowfly. Drummer Bobby "BBG" Goldman's first instrument was the spoons on a stop in Brooklyn and he's played in bands for the last 40 years. They hooked up together  in Southern Florida back in 2001, brought together by a mutual friend to start a blues band. These three fit together like a custom suit with matching hat and shoes. By themselves they're a nice but as an outfit they make for a killer combo.

 Honing their chops at bars and festivals in south Florida they are ready to break out with this CD of all original songs. With three writers in the band you get a wide variety of songs, but "Age Old Secret" where they all get writing credit shows this band can work together. That song has shifting Rhythms, dancing bass lines, spare slide guitar and lyrics you hope not to hear in real life. With each member's history they're able to mix blues, rockabilly, hard rock guitar all be together in this blue house, “Dynomite" was a catch phrase from Blowfly who the bass player worked with but musically it's based on Carl Perkins' "Boppin the Blues".

 This is a big house and a lot of styles are welcome, The blues come down in "Bang Bang Bang" for the innocent man standing there when the gun is banging, to the police car doors banging, the judge's gavel banging. You even get a short rap and a little help from Michael Marciano on harp. A rockabilly guitar leaps in on the jump swing number "Jumpin" then leaps to the left by featuring bass and drum solos rather than guitar. With many trios, it can be a one man show with the rhythm section following, but here the bass often leads the show while the guitar lays back and follows the beats of the drummer for his leads. "Real Fine Lady" swings with the gal you always hope to meet and sing her praises with a whoa whoa da do day riff borrowed from Chuck Berry's "Almost Grown". They found one of those ladies when they're joined by Holly Doherty on "Gimme the News". The drummer man "BBG" gets to bring his spoons out front for "Won't Forget My Spoons," but the moody bass and slippery guitar fill out this song about a spicy woman and gumbo. Alter on guitar can shift his sound from sparse and lean as he does in "Gotta Love Somebody" To grinding out a slow blues at full rockin' volume on "Baby Baby".

The final Cut "BLuesman Tim" is totally different then the rest of the CD, starting with solo electric guitar doing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" before falling into country blues with a church choir for a fallen friend. A hidden cut at the end gives you the crowd noise at a live show cheering on Bluehouse as the ask, Who’s in the House? This bands background in Rockn' roots jump out at you and take you home. Lets hope they bring this Bluehouse to a Blues House near you.