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  Richie Goldman - Bio

photo by Brendon Lewington

Electric , Stand up Bass / Vocals    Return
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Richie Goldman has been part of the South Florida Music Scene for over 20 years. Richie was born into a musical working family. Son of Professional Singer Cindy Clare, Weekends in the Goldman house was tuxedos and gig bags. Richie learned early on that music was serious business. In 1977 he was part of the South Florida TK records scene playing with 11 piece disco group Sassy both in the studio and on national TV. He also backed up TK artists Gwen Mcrae and King Sporty live for numerous concerts. Richie's favorite TK artist credit was playing on the Incredible Fulk. This was one of Clarence Reid's Blowfly records (these were comical dirty records). Blowfly has experienced a resurgence lately and has been touring. He is funny but definitely not for children.

Eventually, Richie went out on the road traveling all around the US playing in a funky , horn show band called Push. Upon his return three years later, he began to take his music a little more seriously. He was a regular in the South Florida recording studios working with the likes of Larry Dermer , Joe Galdo,  Gary Vandy, Rafael Vigil,  Eddie Calle, Bobby Caldwell, Richie Puente, Ron Albert, Howard Albert,  Chuck Kirkpatrick, Hal Hansford, Barry Mraz, Eric Shilling, Johnny Sambataro and Firefall. In addition to many other recordings, Richie appears on three Firefall CDs. You can hear him on Break Of Dawn,  Mirror of the World and Greatest Hits. All the while he was playing live in various South Florida groups in clubs and events. 

After spending a few too many gigs in the club date scene including "Steve Fortgang's #1 Bar-Mitzvah Band" (really!), Richie took a hiatus from music for a few years. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in his life in 1995. Richie's younger brother Andy Goldman passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 32. This had a rekindling affect on Richie's musical life. Andy was an up and coming studio guitarist playing with the likes of Gloria Estefan and John Secada. In honor of his brother, Richie was inspired to become involved with music once again.

Richie emerged back onto the South Florida scene traveling primarily in the local blues circles. He has performed with Geoff Achison who is an  Australian who has won the Albert King award  at the IBC in Memphis. He also performed multiple shows on upright bass with "Spider" John Koerner. Spider John is credited with being a driving force in the blues revival in the 1960s. He is a former room mate of Bob Dylan's. Richie has also filled in on gigs with The Jeff Prine Group, Eric Austin and the Hep Cat Boo Daddies.

However Richie's primary musical focus these days surrounds his three piece blues band, Blue House. This band has been together since October 2001. The guys are a great match for Richie both personally and musically. Blue house is the perfect vehicle for Richie to feature his bass playing and song writing.