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       Bob Garfield - Bio

Rhythm Guitar / Harmonica / Vocals



Bob’s love of music started @ an early age. His first recollections of music begin at the age of four, and are of listening to his Father’s military march music played most Sunday mornings. Both of his parents used music as a backdrop in the home. It seemed either Country (Tammy Wynette), Crooners (Perry Como), Big Brass (Herb Alpert), or Military March Music (John Phillip Soussa) records were always playing on the Hi Fi.. It didn’t take long for Bob to develop a PASSION for music and an appreciation for all types of musical genres. Today Bob’s extensive music collection runs the gamut from Coltrane to the Chili Peppers, the only criteria is that it has to be well constructed. Bob cannot imagine a world without music, to him it is his way of immersing himself in a magical moment. A few of his favorite quotes: “Music Is the Shorthand of Emotion” and “Those Who Dance Are Considered Insane By Those Who Can’t Hear the Music.”