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Blue House
At The Downtowner
in downtown Fort Lauderdale Saturday, June 8th
9:45 pm - 1:00 am
408 South Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301

The Downtowner is a funky place in a funky spot in Fort Lauderdale. It's one of those restaurant/clubs that is a little hard to find. It is on the South side of New River right in the shadow of the jail. If you look one way there are men peering out of the thin windows of the jailhouse. If you look the other way there are multi million dollar yachts cruising against the posh Fort Lauderdale skyline down the river only a about 20 yards from the club. The club is one of those places where it looks like they've thrown every kind of nautical accessory on the wall. For example we have to share the stage (if you want to call it that ) with a full size deep sea diver. The food is really good. And the crew that works there is fun. The have great burgers fish, and salads and people are always chewing on those giant Alaskan King Crab claws.

The first time we were booked there we went down to check it out. It was hard to imagine how the whole band was going to fit. However we just manage to cram in there along with the deep sea diver) surrounded closely by tables (and we always have a great time.  The folks that come are locals, boat owners, lawyers that work at the courthouse, and bad guys who have just been released from jail (just joking I think).

Of course all these folks are usually outnumbered by the BLUE HOUSE NATION woo hoo!

Hopefully you'll all be in a festive mood with the start of summer and ready to jam on some Blue House Original music.

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