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Official Error Correction Email
The Blue House Media Relations department (ok it was me, Richie) put out an email with four errors about this weeks gig. Here are the errors and corrections


Error #1: I sent the wrong date.

The actual date we are playing is Friday 8/17/2007. Sorry, very embarrassing.


Error #2: I sent the wrong time (sort of)

I said we were playing from 10:00PM till 2:00PM. This is longer than any gigs we play. We are only playing from 10:00PM till 2:00 AM. This is not that embarrassing is it?


Error #3: I incorrectly mentioned that we were playing somewhere on Hollywood Boulevard.
Conine's is clearly not on Hollywood Boulevard at all. It is clearly on Sheridan Street. I even had the address in the email. Yes this is very embarrassing indeed. The address is:


Jeff Conine's Club House Grille
5181 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, FL 33021


Error #4: I had mentioned we might be playing in Saint Augustine on September 1st (in addition to the 9/2 Band & Blues show)

BBG our drummer promptly corrected me and told me that we certainly will be playing on. 9/1 in Saint Augustine opening for Willie Greene at 8:00 pm at a place called cafe11 Hosted by the Ancient City Blues Society



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