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       BB-G   Bio

The Drummer

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Only Bobby's closest friends know that he had always wanted to be a ballet dancer. Although none of his friends thought him to be very graceful, he secretly practiced behind closed doors hoping to someday be the next Billy Elliot.

Then one day, tragedy struck. Someone had mistakenly left a mirror in the room where he practiced. He saw himself dancing naked (as he usually was when practicing) and was sickened with the reality that he really sucked. He really, really did suck.  With the depression came the eating binge. He ate and ate and ate until he grew very large. He started to eat very fattening soups, This began to sink him even further into the depths.

On one of the darkest days Bobby slammed his very large soup spoons to the floor. The musical "clink" that ensued made him pick up his head. Something special had happened. He picked up his giant soup spoons and again threw them to the floor. He did not know what was happening but he spent the next two months throwing the spoons, dropping them, banging them together etc. All he knew was that this made him feel real good.

Bobby started losing weight. Girls stopped being sickened at the sight of him. Some would even talk to him now and again. He became BobbyG... the guy with the spoons as we know and love him today.

He also plays the drums.