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Drums / Spoons


Bobby G was born in Brooklyn NY in 1953, by the age of 7 he remembers listen to his parents albums which included big band and jazz. About the same time he can remember going to his grandfather's house in Queens and sitting out front on the steps where his dad who was a baker, taught him to play spoons. It was then he realized he has a sense of rhythm and loved music as well. He took up the trumpet in school at age 9 and while in Boy Scouts played the bugle. But began listening to early 60's rock and roll on the radio and found himself banging out the beat with his hands to everything he heard. It was in 1963 when the Beatles came on the scene and Bobbyg realized then he wanted to be a drummer. Using spoons and then sticks on Charles Chips cans in the backyard as well as outdoor furniture cushions, when told to quiet down, the beat began. By age 11 he had quit the trumpet and boy scouts, and became more interested in girls and Rock and Roll. He immersed himself into drums, taking lessons from a family friend who was a professional drummer in the jazz circuit. Just a couple of weeks after his 12th birthday, tragedy struck as his father past away from a Heart Attack. Bobbyg then immersed himself into music and a year later his mom bought him his first Drum set for his 13th Birthday / Bar Mitzvah. He quickly formed a band, Bobby and the Bombers playing at parties and school functions. From there he would play in many different bands over the years as he and his family moved from Long Island to Pa.and then to Connecticut, when in High School played with a Band called the Organized Confusion, now in the late 60's, with influences of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and as the 70's came he discovered his mentor, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. It was then he developed a love for not only heavy rock and roll but the blues. He used to listen to listen to BB King, Albert King, Taj Mahal, Ben E. King, Elmore James etc. By mid 70's another Band grabbed his attention to whom he became a loyal follower over the years, The Allman Brother's Band. Again being the jamming sound of Southern Rock, was once again The Blues....After College and living in NYC, where he used to go down to Bleaker Street late in the evening and sit in playing brushes on a thin steel drum which was on top of a piano, in a bar next to the Bitter End. He would play that as well as began playing spoons much more frequently realizing that he could play them to all types of music, not just bluegrass and rockabilly. From New York he moved to South Florida and for years played in a Band with his cousin called Inpulse, doing gigs at Sundays on the Bay and Tugboat Annie's, this was a classic Rock Band. Again tragedy struck when his step dad died, once again immersing himself into music. About 8 years ago left that band and began playing with Mark Begelman, now owner of Mars Music, and previously he was president of Office Depot. Mark and Bob put together a band originally called the Eraserheads, while Mark was at Office Depot and then became Men from Mars when he began Mars Music Superstores a few years ago. With Mark they played many gigs on Atlantic Ave in Delray, Sun Fest, special events like the Olympic Torch Ceremony and Concert in Palm Beach in 96 as well as gigs at Tugboat Annie's and private parties. Then about 6 months ago a discussion of music with a close friend who he met through business, also playing in a classic rock band, began the idea of putting together a blues band with a couple of guys his friend new. Bobbyg loved the idea, as blues have always been his favorite live music to listen too and his passion and background to much of his favorite Rock and Roll. So it was set, this friend of his, is Bob Garfield, rhythm guitar player, the guys he knew, well that's easy Robbie Alter and Richie Goldman. After one rehearsal at Bobbyg's house, they knew there was that magical, musical connection between all of them. The instant chemistry of all there individual years of music coming together. Bobbyg and Richie fell into the pocket like putting on a perfect sized suit. They have now culminated their passion to playing music with the Blues as "Blue House"... now Bobbyg's blues band mates fondly refer to him as BB G

To Be Continued....